Today, encouragement to distinguish healthy solitude from isolation. Solitude vivifies, isolation kills. Joseph Roux Shame. Like a weed it strangles positive thoughts and emotions. For children who experience Adverse Childhood Events (ACE), like Childhood Sexual Abuse (CSA), shame becomes the defining emotion. Shame creates a sense of isolation. The shame experienced by a child livingContinue reading “Solitude”


The creative adult is the child who survived. Ursula LeGuin Today, encouragement to make space for creativity in your life. Surviving Adverse Childhood Events (ACE) often diverts energy away from play and expression of creativity. As children, we receive messages that help us to see our strengths and natural talents. For children living through ACEContinue reading “Creativity”


Today, encouragement to set healthy boundaries. No is a complete sentence. Anne Lamont I remember reading early in my healing journey that adult survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse are more likely than others to be sexually promiscuous. The sense I made of this sobering statistic is that as abuse survivors we must learn that weContinue reading “Boundaries”


Today, recognition of the friends and partners, who provide a safe haven to heal. Recovering from Childhood Sexual Abuse is a long and continuing journey. As I reflect on my recovery, I recognize that although I physically survived, invisible injuries persist. Among the deepest wound is the compromised ability to trust and love. I amContinue reading “Journey”


Today, encouragement to notice moments of enjoyment. Survivors of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) and Childhood Sexual Abuse (CSA) often live in a state of chronic stress. This is one of the pysiological responses to ACE and CSA trauma. This stress response continues with detrimental health effects. Simple pleasures of childhood are replaced by fear andContinue reading “Enjoyment”


There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that receives it. Edith Wharton Today, encouragement to shine your unique light into the world. Adverse Childhood Experiences and Childhood Sexual Abuse threaten to extinguish a child’s spirit. The natural curiosity and trust of children is replaced with vigilance and fear.Continue reading “Shine”


Today encouragement to forgive yourself. The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong. Mahatma Gandhi Survivors of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) and Childhood Sexual Abuse (CSA) are often encouraged to forgive the perpatrators of their abuse, neglect and traumas endured, often with a promise that when we forgive those who harmedContinue reading “Forgiveness”


Today, encouragement to connect with yourself. Many of us walk around living at a distance from our immediate experience. This is especially true for survivors of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) and Childhood Sexual Abuse (CSA.) These childhood traumas often result in hyper-vigilance and shame which pull a child out of the immediacy of what theyContinue reading “Connect”


Today, acceptance of what we cannot change. Early in my healing journey, I attended a 12-step program for survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse. It was a revelation to sit among other survivors. In their stories, to understand that I truly was not alone, as I previously believed. Many draw solace from the serenity prayer: “God,Continue reading “Acceptance”