There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that receives it. Edith Wharton Today, encouragement to shine your unique light into the world. Adverse Childhood Experiences and Childhood Sexual Abuse threaten to extinguish a child’s spirit. The natural curiosity and trust of children is replaced with vigilance and fear.Continue reading “Shine”


Today, encouragement to connect with yourself. Many of us walk around living at a distance from our immediate experience. This is especially true for survivors of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) and Childhood Sexual Abuse (CSA.) These childhood traumas often result in hyper-vigilance and shame which pull a child out of the immediacy of what theyContinue reading “Connect”


Today, an acknowledgement of you sister and brother survivors! In the 1980’s when I started to search for any publication that reflected my experiences as a survivor of Childhood Sexual Abuse, I ran into the brick wall of the unintended consequences of statistics. Since the greatest reporting of CSA at that time was male perpetratedContinue reading “Visibility”


Today a reminder to take time to recover from both big and small setbacks. Research has identied many of the consequences on people who survive Adverse Childhood Experiences. You can learn about how the experiences you endured in childhood may have affected your stress-level, brain development and overall health. It may help to make senseContinue reading “Recover”