Today, acceptance of what we cannot change. Early in my healing journey, I attended a 12-step program for survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse. It was a revelation to sit among other survivors. In their stories, to understand that I truly was not alone, as I previously believed. Many draw solace from the serenity prayer: “God,Continue reading “Acceptance”


Today: encouragement to recognize and express gratitude for your strength. Practicing gratitude has been connected to better psychological, physical and social well-being. For survivors of Adverse Childhood Experiences, shame and fear often overshadow gratitude. Yet, practicing gratitude can help to unburden ACE survivors of the gritty negative residue of negative childhood challenges. My simple gratitudeContinue reading “Gratitude”

We are not alone.

Today thoughts about other survivors. As a child and well into my 20s, I kept the secret of sexual abuse buried deep inside me. I believed I was alone. In this way, childhood sexual abuse (CSA) is a perfect crime. The victim takes on the shame and guilt of the abuser, and protects the secretContinue reading “We are not alone.”


Today a reminder to take time to recover from both big and small setbacks. Research has identied many of the consequences on people who survive Adverse Childhood Experiences. You can learn about how the experiences you endured in childhood may have affected your stress-level, brain development and overall health. It may help to make senseContinue reading “Recover”


Today encouragement to play! As a child I was naturally trusting and curious. My imagination turned a path on our back hill into a major hiking trail. A backpack, pocket knife and canteen transformed me into an explorer. Adverse Childhood Experiences compromised my playfulness. The free spirit of play was replaced with a different existence;Continue reading “Play”