Go Gently

Nothing is so strong as gentleness, nothing so gentle as real strength.

Saint Francis de Sales

I started this blog to provide hope and compassion for those, like me, who emerged whole yet scarred from Adverse Childhood Experiences. Trauma leaves an indelible imprint on the souls of children. As we grow older the imprint gets stretched by the challenges of adulthood. Sometimes the imprint feels like a formidable wall of shame. Sometimes, the imprint feels like powerful wisdom secreted away but there to help us through challenging moments. The imprint is not who we are, yet it influences how we travel through life.

I was taught that “everyone has something,” some challenge or obstacle that they have had to overcome. I suspect that it true, however, it doesn’t offer much solace or guidance for how to manage Trauma’s imprint. I interpreted “everyone’s got something” as an admonishment to get on with it – you’re not that special. I offer you and me this wise counsel, “Go gently with your miraculous self. The Trauma is past. Let its imprint be a source of strength, and a reminder of your astonishing resilience.”

  • How would you describe the unique imprint from your childhood experiences to your young self to let her or him know that you are truly ok?
  • What precious strength do you draw from to walk gently through your life as a survivor of childhood Trauma?

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