Although the world is full of suffering, it is also full of the overcoming of it.

Helen Keller

I have resumed use of a simple exercise in my coaching. The exercise quickly demonstrates the power of perspective. I invite you to give the exercise a try. Raise your dominant hand, index finger pointing skyward, above your head. Look at your hand as you begin to trace a large circle in a clockwise movement. Imagine you are tracing that circle on the ceiling or in the clouds. As you continue to trace that large clockwise circle slowly lower your hand – keep pointing to the sky. Cock your wrist and continue lowering your hand until it is below eye level. Now, look down on your hand. What direction is your hand moving? If the exercise worked it should now appear that your hand is circling counter-clockwise. But, wait! You didn’t change the direction! What happened?

That is the power of perspective. It makes things appear completely different from what we believe we know to be true. With that new perspective come new possibilities.

It’s where we choose to look and how we choose to see that makes our world.

  • How can you see your strengths today, those vital elements of who you are that safe-guarded you during difficult times?
  • What is a perspective that you can take to see yourself more fully and compassionately?

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