Humor Heals

Laugh as much as possible, always laugh. It’s the sweetest thing one can do for oneself & one’s fellow human beings.

Maya Angelou

I haven’t laughed enough lately. I am taking things (too) seriously; work challenges and changes, friends going through tough things, children finding their way to independence. You know, life. Life, the source of so many intense feelings yet, I seem tipped way too much toward striving in all its effortful, lines in the forehead grimaces.

I remind myself today how much I adore the miracle of mirth in the midst of a meeting. I grin when I encounter a cleverly positioned emoticon. Laughter gives even tough days in life a lift.

  • When was your last deep belly laugh? What brings laughter into your day?
  • Who in your life raises your spirits and helps lighten your mood?
  • How will you bring humor into your day?

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