I’m still learning…

“Ancora imparo.”


The Michelangelo quote above is said to have been his last words as he departed this realm at in 1564 at the age of 88. It’s not important to me if the attribution is accurate, though I am inspired by the image. Ancora imparo (I am still learning) is an invitation …. are we still learning? Am I?

This blog has taught me the value of reflecting and writing, not for others, as I first imagined, but for me. The practice of reflection and writing reveals gifts from my healing journey.

Childhood trauma has devastating impact on children. Researchers have identified trauma’s disruptive force in childhood development. It derails development of a healthy sense of self. It distorts a sense of safety in the world.

Over the years I have been impatient with myself. I erroneously believed one day I would be “over it.” However, I am still learning to recognize the strengths of surviving childhood trauma. I’m learning that “getting over it” is not the goal. Ancora Imparo that this is my life. Each lesson another petal of a brilliant flower – all of it.

  • What are you still learning about yourself?
  • What practices deepen your knowledge of your unique strengths?

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