Learning new things is easy when there is no unlearning involved.

Edgar Schein

Today, recognition that we sometimes need to unlearn before we can learn.

Survivors of Adverse Childhood Events (ACE) receive distorted messages of how they can expect to be treated by others. Abused and neglected children often live with toxic stress. Without a supportive adult, these children live with this stress and bear the nearly unbearable alone. Children learn to blame themselves for how they are treated. They learn to keep secrets and to hide their distress.

Recovery from Childhood Sexual Abuse has required me to unlearn beliefs about myself and others. I’ve learned to see the good in myself and to trust my instincts about others. With each new positive, life-affirming lesson, it becomes easier to unlearn the limiting, negative lessons from my CSA experiences.

  • What limiting belief about yourself can you unlearn?
  • What have you learned about yourself that you can celebrate today?

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