Today, encouragement to grow to be your whole self.

Growth is the only evidence of life.

John Henry Newman, 19th century English theologian

I’ve been noticing the beautiful growth of spring here in New Engalnd. Flowers blossom, tadpoles emerge from strands of eggs, and the brown of winter is replaced by glorious greenery in the trees and fields. I am energied by this demonstration of life reaffirming itself.

As I reflect on my life as a survivor of Childhood Sexual Abuse, I notice seasons in the healing journey; tumultuous times of struggle and pain, dormant times of depression and periods of awakening and growth. Each healing season has helped me to grow. I see them as interdependent. Often after after connecting with almost unbearable pain, I experience a new sense of wholeness, of becoming more of myself; like a seed fighting toward the sunshine, I emerge.

  • What energizes your journey toward wholeness?
  • What will you do today to grow into who are you becoming?

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