Today, encouragement to distinguish healthy solitude from isolation.

Solitude vivifies, isolation kills.

Joseph Roux

Shame. Like a weed it strangles positive thoughts and emotions. For children who experience Adverse Childhood Events (ACE), like Childhood Sexual Abuse (CSA), shame becomes the defining emotion. Shame creates a sense of isolation. The shame experienced by a child living through ACE or CSA imprisons her or him and makes connection with others and her or himself impossible. Isolation is brutal.

Getting free from shame is liberating. In my recovery from CSA releasing myself from the prison of shame has been life giving. I no longer experience isolation and separation from my healthy self and others. I now am restored by solitude, time to be with and enjoy my healthy self.

  • When will you take time today to enjoy your own company?
  • How can you help liberate yourself from shame and isolation?

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