The creative adult is the child who survived.

Ursula LeGuin

Today, encouragement to make space for creativity in your life.

Surviving Adverse Childhood Events (ACE) often diverts energy away from play and expression of creativity. As children, we receive messages that help us to see our strengths and natural talents. For children living through ACE often spontaneous expression of our natural talents is dampened, replaced by fear and shame. We emerge as adults with limited perspectives of our creativity.

Several years ago I received a wonderful gift; a coloring book and colored pencils! I had never thought to get myself such a delightfully creative activity. Each evening I opened the book reached for my pencils and colored! The child within me who survived Childhood Sexual Abuse and other traumas delighted in this daily creative act and I discovered a bit more of myself.

  • How will you express your creative energy today?
  • What creative space can you provide the child within you who survived?

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