Today, encouragement to set healthy boundaries.

No is a complete sentence.

Anne Lamont

I remember reading early in my healing journey that adult survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse are more likely than others to be sexually promiscuous. The sense I made of this sobering statistic is that as abuse survivors we must learn that we can say “no,” and that our “no” has power. As children, we were unable to protect our bodies from trespass; our “no” meant nothing.

Setting and maintaining healthy boundaries continues to be an area of growth for me, and others who have survived the traumas of Adverse Childhood Experiences. At work, this means controlling my calendar and clearly defining expectations; at home, it is taking time to restore my energy.

  • What will you say “no” to today?
  • What do you notice about your boundaries that shows progress at reclaiming the power of “no?”

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