Today, encouragement to notice moments of enjoyment.

Survivors of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) and Childhood Sexual Abuse (CSA) often live in a state of chronic stress. This is one of the pysiological responses to ACE and CSA trauma. This stress response continues with detrimental health effects. Simple pleasures of childhood are replaced by fear and basic survival strategies.

Understanding the physiological impacts of ACE and CSA has been important to my recovery from CSA. It has helped to make sense of challenges I still experience today. My body’s response helped me to survive profound distress. For that, I am grateful. Today I honor my survival by noticing moments of simple pleasure; a hummingbird floating above a flower, birdsong, the cool morning air. Each moment of enjoyment releases more of the persistent, damaging stress.

  • What simple pleasures can you notice today?
  • How can you acknowledge your surival story?

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