Today encouragement to treat yourself and others with kindness.

Recently, our dog, Finn, was attacked by another dog, which resulted in multiple puncture wounds to his face. Physically, he is fine. The wounds have healed. The stitches are out. Yet, we noticed in days immediately following the event, that our naturally exuberant doodle displayed reticence to greet friends, human and canine. His single violent encounter with another dog, out of thousands of encounters in his 4 years, dampened his friendly spirit and introduced insecurity.

Survivors of Adverse Childhood Experiences learn to expect violence, hurt and abuse. In my experience as a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, I learned to expect exploitation and manipulation by anyone who showed me kindness. I perceived every kindness as a clever cover to get me to let down my guard.

Kindness begins with how we treat and talk to ourselves. The good news about that is that kindness is always available with no strings attached.

  • What words of kindness will express to yourself today?
  • What kindness will you show yourself?

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