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Encouragement for Healing & Wholeness

A blog for survivors of childhood trauma … life’s healing journey continues … together.

I am glad you are here.

I am glad you are here.

“It’s never too late to become what you might have been.” – George Elliot

I am choosing add my voice to others in the universe in hopes another survivor or friend of a survivor will find this well of encouragement and share it. My intention is to support and through stories and reflection questions. Let this blog accompany you on your healing journey. My wish for you is that you step away from shame, fear, isolation and self-blame and that you take the next step toward wholeness.

Statistics indicate that many of the people we encounter at work, in our communities and families have experienced and survived Adverse Childhood Events (ACEs.)  ACEs are defined by the CDC as potentially traumatic experiences that occur during childhood (ages 0 – 17.)  Age matters because the human brain and sense of individuation and identity are developing throughout these early years of life.   The CDC estimates 61% of adults report having experienced at least 1 ACE and 1 in 6 adults reported experienced 4 or more ACEs.  Odds are good that this may resonate for you. And we are survivors.

I started this blog because I know that others are out there, waiting, as I was, for compassion, validation, support and encouragement.  I’m doing this for us, the survivors, still journeying to live without shame.  I will share resources that illuminate the recovery path. I will post my experiences and offer questions to prompt healing.

As children we may have suffered alone in silence, kept secrets, hidden our pain, not understood what was happening or how to get help, but now we know better and can do better for ourselves and each other.

For more information on Adverse Childhood Experiences please visit the CDC Website

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